Friday, 21 February 2014

Carnival fun in Venice

Let the fun begin. The "Carnevale di Venezia" is in full swing this week, ending this year(2015) on the 17th February marking the beginning of Lent, a christian celebration.  
This ancient city on water displays its most elegant costumes and masks and its streets and canals are filled with a magical atmosphere that is unique in the world. 'Carnevale' is the very epitome of extravagance, as visitors flock from all over the globe to enjoy the most decadent fancy-dress party on earth. You either play the tourist (which is what I did one year) and observe, or you immerse yourself in the festivities wearing a handcrafted mask and divine costume, kicking up your heels, drinking champagne (which is also what I did one year). Although Venice is crumbling and has mass tourism, especially during carnevale, it still has that mystical aura that makes it so special. It has to be one of the most unique and culturally rich cities in the worldConsisting of 118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges, rich with opulent architecture, renaissance art, famous for it's music being the birthplace of Antonio Vivaldi, and a history like the city itself....unique......there really could not be a more perfect city to hold such a theatrical event such as carnevale. Watching these exquisite ornate costumes and masks strolling through ancient streets is what makes it so captivating. 
The carnevale has a history that dates back to the 12th century but became official in the 15th century. The masked balls and parades became an important part of Venice especially in the 18th Century when it reached its hey dey  as the Venetian Republic collapsed and social conventions and rules were relaxed. The congregation of masked people along with the street parades, extravagant restaurants, queer theatres where performances took place, became one of the most elaborate events in all Europe.

The mask, as well as serving a decorative function could nicely conceal the identity of the wearer, which became highly popular in elite circles. Many important and famous people such as politicians, princes, rich heirs, nobles from all of Europe came to enjoy the wild festivities, spending fortunes on activities such as gambling, brothels, theatres, alcohol and restaurants as well as booths where one could see exotic animals, ropewalkers and jugglers. (Imagine the naughty things that took place!! ). Sadly, after Napoleon invaded in 1797 the carnevale tradition fell into decline, the Italian ruler Mussolini subsequently banned the wearing of masks and so carnevale sadly ended.  After a long absence, it re-emerged  in 1979 and it hasn't looked back.
For those fortunate enough to visit Venice during carnevale,try and not be put off by the zillions of tourists. If you can, immerse yourself in it's renaissance beauty and full splendour of this baroque event. Sit in cafes sipping on prosecco and watch it all unfold, meander thru the narrow laneways (ok there might be a few of you) chasing the costumes, wake up at 5am and listen to men singing at dawn from their windows, buy an artisan mask and dance in the streets wearing it. Just take it all in I say. 
Carnevale agenda comprises of many activities: masked processions through Piazza San Marco, musical and theatre performances throughout the Piazza and other areas, with Sunday being a spectacular day on the canals: hundreds of gondolas carrying masked passengers paddle down the grand canal. 
Then of course there are the many balls and lavish cocktail parties such as The Enchanted Palace Ball and the Feast of the Gods Ball where Bacchus the god of wine invites you to feast and drink wine and have too much fun whilst dancing under frescoes painted by Giovanni Bellini.  But the undisputed highlight is the Gran Ballo delle Maschere or Doge’s Ball, which takes place in different locations across Venice, usually in a grand palace or residence. The costumes, masks and general extravagance on display is unrivaled.This ball has been running since 1994 and organised by event extraordinaire Antonia Sautter. Vanity fair called it "The most sumptuous and exclusive, famous and sought after mundane event in the world."  
Plenty  more photos by clicking on Galleria foto
However for me the real stars of the carnevale are the "mask makers". These special craftsmen and women continue this ancient craftmaking tradition in generally dark, crammed and most certainly colouful "botteghe" (workshops): making exquisite masks of leather, porcelain or glass with meticulous detail for all of us to enjoy.
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If you're a last minute organiser, you still have time to join in the fun even if just for the day. Otherwise I would say, if you haven't been, place it on your "bucket list" but be sure to be a part of it and dress up...way more fun. 
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Friday, 7 February 2014

Working it!

"Style for the professional woman is an expression of her vitality, self-confidence, and power to superbly deliver her product, service, or philosophy in the marketplace. " 
Women don’t have to turn away from their love of style to compete in the corporate world. Great style (combined with wit and intelligence) is an effective communication tool for women (and for men) and yes, it can be fun. It’s our visual voice. In fact, appropriate, expressive and contemporary business style is more important than ever as the world we live in becomes increasingly visual through technological advancements and the expansion of social media outlets.

I am writing this post as I have had many requests lately asking me to give advice on jazzing up a work wardrobe consisting of mainly black. I couldn't be happier writing this post, even though I could write much more than what I have, this is a start. I truly hope you find it helpful. 
As a fashion consultant I am frequently asked to conduct corporate styling sessions in offices where I guide women and men on appropriate yet stylish work wear in a relatively conservative environment. Today's modern professional understands that great style is just smart business. For those in creative industries such as fashion, media, T.V.,marketing, advertising, events etc, it is pretty normal not to even own a suit and you can generally let your creativity run wild (save that for another post). This post relates more to the "conservative" fields such as finance, law, accounting, certain sales, politics, real estate,  I.T., health etc where it seems to be a given that you wear suits and black, navy or grey is the colour. Well I'm here to tell you, it doesn't have to be all about suits, not that there is anything wrong with a great cut stylish suit. In these modern days, many bosses won't dictate the attire or necessarily mind if you don't wear black or long as what you do wear looks stylish and appropriate for your job. There are many articles telling you the basics of what you must have in your wardrobe and as many of you reading this would most likely have a suit...then I am not going to repeat the same ole thing. I am here to guide you on how to mix it up a little, get a little creative .......and lets add some colour whilst we're at it. 

Firstly I'd like to mention that I am concentrating on women in this post. I will be doing some articles relevant to men in coming weeks. Sorry guys, I will get to you. 

Working in a corporate environment doesn't mean your wardrobe has to have a complete overhaul or has to be lifeless. Yet it does have to be appropriate for your type of work. You can cleverly incorporate your own personal touches into your 9 to 5 style, all you need is a few unique pieces that will give you a professional edge without looking like weekend or "disco" wear. General dress codes vary per workplace and professional field. I call it the Three C's: Conservative, Creative and Casual. For example, your company's definition of casual solely rests on Friday's, but still requires a denim free and closed-toe shoe policy. Use your best judgement and tweak as necessary. Experiment, experiment, experiment until you have figured out your own something I will keep repeating. And if you don't know your flair....that is what people like "moi" help you with. 
The first essential requirement is figure out your body shape. It really is not that simple to say you're an hourglass, pear shape, apple etc etc.  We all have a unique shape that can be a mixture of several. Click on the body shape link as this site gives you a comprehensive guide to various body shapes. Once you work out your body shape you can determine what looks great on you and the parts you love and the parts you prefer to hide.  We all have parts we love, so be good to yourself and work it well……….in moderation of course!! If your best assets are your breasts or legs, that does not mean you go to work wearing Hollywood style daringly low cut tops or a mini skirt shorter then your mid thigh. Leave that for your weekend....if that is your thing! Below I've put together some outfits that are stylish, jazzy and appropriate corporate wardrobe. The key here is to add new pieces each season, mixing it up a bit and adding your own flair.

I don't have to tell you that a good quality suit jacket with a pant and skirt option sets a great foundation for you to build on. Although black, navy or grey suit with a classic cut will get you off to a good start, I'd like to suggest purchasing a suit with an interesting cut design or a completely different colour i.e. red, blue, even white in spring/summer. Or how about a bright coloured separate such as a jacket or pant. 

These colour combinations are great. If to start you're a little afraid of colour in your clothing, be bold instead with the shoes,handbags, accessories to add to your blacks and greys. And who said you had to be uber young to wear colour!!

Add flair with an interesting cut jacket and wear it with solid coloured pants. Again mix up colour with shoes and accessories. Pants should not be too tight nor overly wide. And absolutely no leggings worn as pants. 

Brooches to jacket lapels or blouses is an excellent alternative to a necklace. Go big or clusters...there are some amazing brooches out there. 


A versatile dress that suits your body shape is feminine, professional and takes you away from the suit look.  One you can easily add a jacket/cardigan/scarf/various jewellery and different style give you variety.

A feminine A-line dress with an interesting neckline works wonders in the office

Love the wrap dress. Suits pretty much all body shapes and is flattering. Try different patterns.

If you do have many grey or black dresses.....add colour to it!. Depending on the corporate environment, even adding a unique neck piece such as a feather cape pictured or brooch can make an otherwise dull colour look simply "stunning" and professional without going OTT.

Mix up the shape and style of dresses to suit you. Again add two-toned shoes, bold necklaces and earrings to make simple dress stand out. You don't have to be matchy matchy as you can see I have not done in any of the photos. Again experiment.

As you can tell, I am guiding you to get out of black and into exploring colour for work.  Trust me, you will feel so much better about yourself and your colleagues/clients will be loving it too. 


Soften your look with satin and silk blouses or camisoles to either go under your suiting or to wear alone with skirts/pants. This is where you can be a little more trend-driven with your choices; pick up styles in the season’s hottest colours. Apart from beautiful bold plain colours, you can even go for patterns like paisley prints, small floral and geometric shapes as long as they are not too large and psychedelic loud for the office. With the amount of gorgeous feminine blouses out there(at reasonable prices), there is no excuse to be wearing casual jersey t-shirts under your suits. I've seen it time and time again, and it is just not chic.

In regards to skirts: make it interesting with pleats, tucks or slightly asymmetrical. The length of the skirts/dresses should at least come to your knees when standing.While you are seated, your thighs should be covered.

Satin wrap blouses with pants or skirts are versatile and interesting. Add a edgy jacket over it and brooch on the neck or lapel. 

I didn't say there was anything wrong with neutrals, black and white. Just tweak a few things like the blouse or handbag. 

Puff sleeves with straight pants or skirt..........glorious.

If you like to wear business shirts, why not make it interesting by going with a double collar or large collar, or one of my favourites.......... is shirts with cuff links. This is a powerful simple statement on women which enables you to bring in your own creative flair with the many varieties of cuff links out there. 

Just a few extra tips......

SHOES:  careful not to drag out the disco heals. I've seen it all too often in the office. Opt instead for pumps, peep toe, kitten heels or strappy heels avoiding sparkles and ultra chunky heals. And please no scuff heals. If you don't like wearing too high, then the kitten heel shoe looks gorgeous with most outfits. Colour is good though.  Don’t be scared to buy shoes with colour and pattern.  If you’re a little shy to wear clothing with colour, then shoes is the next best thing. They make black/navy suit look hot. Be daring and go for it!!

ACCESSORIES: As you see above in the images, belts and jewellery gives your look a point of difference.  Add cuffs, a necklace, a chic brooch to your lapel and remember to mix up the colours a little. You can go a little dramatic with brooches if your suit or outfit is quite simple. I love adding many crystal brooches in a cluster together on lapels. You can also add them to a silk scarf around your neck. You dont' see many people in the corporate world wearing brooches, they are underrated and hope to see a lot more people wearing them. 

In winter, add colourful knit or wool scarf to your suit, bright coloured cashmere or wool tops to pants and skirts, opaque tights with coloured shoes.  In summer you can swap your suit jacket for a cardigan, and your boots for some peep-toe heels. You can add and subtract these to your basic suits for all year-round style.

None of what I have mentioned above has to cost a fortune if your budget doesn't allow. You can buy quality at good prices these days through store sales, online and recycled designer outlets. 

My mission is to see women break out of their fear zones and "shine" in their own style.  Not clone.
If you have any questions, I would be delighted  to assist you further. 

I give personal one on one consultations, or to lift the company image, I can come into your work place and conduct a "corporate wear" session. I love seeing the transformation with the ladies and gents. They get a lot out of the sessions, not realising how a simple outfit can look a million dollars on them, lifting their morale......and the boss is happy!!! The sessions are valuable. 

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Happy work days