Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Ron Isaacs' Art of Illusion

It is hard to believe that the sculptures you see below are made of plywood. The fashion + flowery art pieces are the creations of Ron Isaacs, the American artist who has had a 30+ year passion for making these intricate three dimensional wall hangings.

From a far, they look like starched dresses and painted leaves. Take a closer look, you will see the fabric, leaves and branches are carefully constructed pieces made from Finnish birch plywood. Combining Trompe L'oeil painting with intricate wood assembly, his aim is to have you question what you are really seeing. 
I am still fascinated by the old simple idea of resemblance, the very first idea of art after tools and shelter: That an object made of one material can take on the outward appearance and therefore some of the "reality" of another,” explains Isaacs.
His three primary recurring subjects over the years are vintage clothing for the way they continue the life of the past into the present; plant materials in the form of sticks, leaves and flowers; and found objects. He goes on to say "they combine in appropriate or surprising juxtapositions, sometimes purely as a visual poem of sorts and sometimes as an image with real psychological resonance."
I am still in awe at how real these pieces look. So much fabulous talent out there in this wonderful world and I am happy to share some of it with you. I hope you enjoyed. See you next time.
Gessica X

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Bohemian Decor

A bohemian at heart, my love of all things boho does not just stop at fashion. It extends to decor, furniture, colours, accessories, fabrics, nature...anything really that seem to have the free-spirited feel about it. 
Bohemian decor can be elegant, shabby chic, OTT baroque, or rustic. There are no rules yet there are rules to boho decor if that makes any sense?. The main rule for me is 'mismatching' items. The no rule for me is injecting my 'own personal' style: whether it's colour or minimal colour, crochet, fur, candles, flowers, intricately carved or painted items, shells, macrame, plants, gold, vintage or new furniture, art, wall hangings etc etc. 
As I like a variety of bohemian styles, from the pure white look, to rustic and through to the bold and colourful gypsy style, I decided to share with you what my favourite bohemian inspirations are.  Enjoy :-)

The Neutral Effect

Rustic & Natural

Bold & Bright


Dodie Rosekrans in her Venetian Palazzo Brandolini

As you have seen here, you can veer into a few directions with bohemian style. You can create the looks cheaply or if you have the money, you can buy a Palazzo and do it the rich way! 
Either way, have fun if you are in the middle of a bohemian decor overhaul. 
See you next time. 
Love Gessica X