Mannequin Art Creations
Hand created mannequins: For over 20 years on and off, I have created detailed, decorative mannequins selling them through out the world. Each are unique: inspired by colour, baroque, opulence and fantasy. They are made with an assortment of materials including feathers, french lace, Italian trims, beads, gems, diamantes, exotic fabrics, flowers, gold leaf and far more. Collected  through my travels and also sourcing from markets, vintage shops and nature.
Sizes: a) 50cm tall and b) 1.5/2m tall. 
They can be made with candelabra iron work to use as functional art piece. 
Ideal for: home decor, boutique hotel foyers, restaurants, bars, shop displays.
Custom made: You specify the colours and I create. You can also supply certain materials that you'd like incorporated and I create around them.
Total made to date: 10 life-size at 2m high and approx 60 small at 50cm high. All sold to galleries, homes, restaurants, hotels, shops.

Contact me with any queries and/or requests on
I can send you photos and details of what I have available to sell or I can custom make one for you.

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Layla: Refer to article on 'Oh Layla' 

Little Miss Sunshine

 Some earlier mannequins created between 2000 and 2003

Some life- size mannequins  created between 2000 and 2003

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