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I've worked around the world in styling and design and am currently based in Sydney, travelling all over the country guiding professional women to find their individual style.

My objective is finding what works on YOU and making you 'shine'. With a clear understanding of your personal and unique needs, your body shape, and knowledge of the trends, I work with you on creating a look you feel great with, bringing out the natural qualities you already possess.

On offer are personal one on one consultations, group consultations with friends, and corporate workshops at your work, and online consultations. I travel anywhere to help you shine. 

Illustration by Inslee Haynes
Personal Consultations: 
Wardrobe editing is one of my favourite things to do. It’s no joke that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time and I love to weed out space-wasters. There’s nothing more satisfying than organising someone’s wardrobe to truly reflect their style and I love to show people great new looks from their own clothes. Clearing out the clutter and organising great outfits at a moment’s notice does wonders to your self-esteem and peace of mind. After all, we have better things to do with our time and energy than agonise every morning over what to wear. 
We look at the right underwear, shoes, accessories, makeup and hair: the complete look.
Illustration by Inslee Haynes
What we look at in a personal consultation
  • Style & Fashion Advice
  • Dressing for your body shape to enhance your best assets
  • What colours  & styles are your best friends
  • Work wear
  • An outfit for a special event
  • A complete wardrobe update/de-clutter
  • Revamp to feel confident & sexy
  • Accessories, hair and makeup
  •  Home visit to play dress-ups, putting outfits together & updating your wardrobe
  • Shopping trips to select the perfect pieces to complement your wardrobe or/and buying an outfit for that special occasion
  • Styling party in your home with your girlfriends over a glass of champas
  • Gift Vouchers

     Corporate Consultations: Women and Men:
                              Illustration by Inslee Haynes                       Illustration by Fernando Vicente
    Over the years attitudes towards work-wear have become so relaxed, with weekend wear blurring into work-day wear, that many companies recognise the power of personal presentation at work and the impact dressing appropriately can have on a company’s image. One’s physical presentation is a manifestation of their professional investment. It stands to reason to be successful, one must look and act successful first.
      In the comfort of your office, we provide presentations for staff in corporate environments on how to “use” style to present appropriately and impressively at work. The result is a) improved company image b) boosted self-worth among colleagues and c) confidence from clients.

 Click here to view brochure on standing out and not being a 'carbon copy'. 
Other posts to read on corporate wear are 'Incorporating Art into your wardrobe' and 'Working it'
      In a corporate consultation we give advice on:
  •  Fashionable & versatile looks for every day at work 
  •  Confidence dressing for important meetings 
  •  Stylish wear for work social events
  •  What is appropriate and what isn't in your specific work place
  • Clothes and key pieces that confidently and effectively work with your body shape without blowing the budget
  •  Accessories, hair and makeup



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  2. I hired a personal stylist Singapore and it was a great experience really. I also had the Bohemian Style when I hired one and it was great. Everything was flawless including the combinations of dresses and accessories.

    1. Hello Michelle,
      thankyou for your comment. Yes It is well worth it to invest in a personal stylist, not just for the image, but self confidence and feeling great. Plus you save money as you are guided on the correct items to buy in future.
      Kind Regards
      Gessica :-)